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Scribblers Coffee House

Scribblers Coffee House is an occasional live music event held in cooperation with the Collège Lorette Collegiate and Bibliothèque Taché Library.

The format of the event is a 30 minute set by the high school bands and/or choirs followed by a 45 minute “feature” set. The coffee house is held four times during the school year at as schedules permit.

The coffee house is held in the school library, which does double-duty as our community library, in Collège Lorette Collegiate at 1082 Dawson Road in Lorette, MB.

The library has some really sweet acoustics and a welcoming environment. Admission is free and we do a pass-the-hat collection for the feature act.

We’ve had a great time with many fine musicians. Hoppin’ Hedges, Two for the Road, Jelly B & The K Mart Shoppers, Chenoa McKelvey, Roger Roger, Shauna Hart, Baltimore Road, The Whiz Bang Shufflers, Plain Salt, EnHarmony.





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